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Wish to invest in Rova Hayam Hadera?

The land isn't available for construction*

About the project

For many years Hadera was small and a gray city, and in subtle works she wasn’t the ‘cutting edge’ of the real estate world. In recent years it’s become clear that the city hasn’t had it last word. Both consciously the gaps between Gush Dan and Hadera are narrowing, and it seems like it’s not planning to stop soon. Thanks to the ‘Sea District’ project the city owes it a lot, the demand for housing in Hadera is increasing every day.




Residential unit



The sea district plan-All in one project

The new quarter will cover about 2,000 acres, 1,110 acres of which will be open fields.

The project will include around 10,000 residential units, 1,400 hotel rooms, as well as a 2.5 km promenade and a 200-meter-wide stretch of beach.

The 'Sea District' plan will be built on one of Hadera's last land reserves.

The 'Sea District' plan in Hadera is a plan to build a residential and hotel district in the northwestern-coastal strip of the city.

The sea district plan

The new district in the north-eastern part of the city will span between Givat Olga neighborhood, to the south stream to the north of the city. The plan enjoys an ideal location in every way. The lands are bordering in one of the most beautiful coastline strips in Israel, dipping in green, surrounded by open fields, and attached to central roads such as road 6, road 4 and the new road 9.

According to the CEO of the company Meir Chachkes this is one of the best real estate business deals currently in the market.


Extensive uses of the Sea District Program

Along the coastline a tourist promenade and urban beaches will be established. At the north, in the Kurkar Ridge designated for conservation, will be combined Natural Park with Hadera Stream Park. Around 10 hotels are planned on the coastline. To encourage the establishment of hotels to attract entrepreneurs to the city, The municipality has indicated that they will allow the integration of several uses in this area, every hotel will have building permissions in this area in the first row to the sea and trading on the ground floor towards the promenade.

Hadera Municipality also noted that the residences that will be built in this district will be characterized as quality residences, with immediate access to parks in the district and the beach, and nearby schools and to integrated commercial streets. They added that the new area would be characterized by mixing uses such as residence, employment, and commerce, encouraging the use of public transportation and cycling, affordable housing and a diverse housing variety, green construction that protects the sun rights and air flow from the sea.

Lots in different sizes for your choice

As part of the program, lots at different sizes are for sale which grants the right to 4 and 5 room apartments, includes taboo registration. Purchasing land at this stage gives investors the opportunity to achieve an exceptionally high return. The land is private, negotiable, and redeemable at any stage.

It should be noted that now the land is not available for immediate construction, which means this is your chance to enjoy a high potential for improvement.


Hadera- Tomorrow's city in the real estate in Israel

Hadera, at the northern end of the Sharon region, defined by many as the “city of tomorrow” in the field of real estate, and enjoys a lot of interest from apartment buyers and developers. The Sea District plan expected to change the face of the city, and brand Hadera is a tourist city.

The Sea District plan offers an investment opportunity in land intended for urban development for residential and commercial purposes, as part of approved outline(HD/2020) national plan, and provincial master plan 302-340539, In the stages of preparing for detailed.


Wish to invest in Rova Hayam Hadera?

The land isn't available for construction*

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