Compound E-1000 in Rishon Le-Zion

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Wish to invest in Compound E-1000 in Rishon Le-Zion?

The land isn't available for construction*

Compound E-1000- An investment opportunity that won't come back

In case you haven’t heard the rumor about the E-1000 compound, now is the time to inform you about a once in a lifetime investment opportunity. The one thousand compound opens up the possibility of investing in commercial real estate and living in one of the most impressive real estate projects seen in recent years. The one thousand compound project is unique in its field, with a new model that located at the western side of Rishon Le-Zion nearby the beach!

The thousand compound-all the advantages at one place

There is no doubt that anyone that got exposed to this ambitious project which is planned at the thousand compound, already noticed that it is one of the most unique projects the real estate market in Israel has ever knew.

Why? Because this is a project that includes all the real estate benefits you can think of: An area that spreads over 1,000 acres that is located in the heart of Gush Dan;

the location of this area is central and accessible; the future project will be built in close proximity to important traffic routes and desirable entertainment areas. If that isn't enough, the highlight is the amount of apartments expected to be built.

According to the plans compound thousand will populate approximately 5,000 housing units, this is alongside around 1.7 million square meters intended to be used for employment areas, trade, leisure and recreation. In short, this is one of the hottest complexes that exist in the real estate market today.

The thousand complex: an ideal and desirable location

The thousand project has many different advantages that cannot be ignored, but one of it strategic advantages which makes it into one of the most promising real estate investments-it unique location. The complex located in close proximity to major transportation arteries including the Moshe Dayan Railway station. In addition the thousand complex is located close to route 4, to the Ayalon routes, route 20, as well as it will be in close proximity to future light rail lines.

The advantages of the location of the thousand complex aren’t only expressed in the arteries of traffic that will take you out of the city, but also from an inner-urban perspective. The desirable complex is located nearby major routes in Rishon Lezion itself and close to the coastline, which raises the value of the investment furthermore.


Join the many investors that chose to join the ship!

In the bottom line and a moment before we hit the road: if you are looking for a profitable and smart investment, the thousand project is a chance you cannot miss. Now it’s your time to make a safe investment which significantly will maximize your profits. It’s important to know-at the thousand complex you don’t stand alone as single investors, there are tens of more real estate experts that chose to trust in the ambitious project and made a one-time investment knowing that with little patience, the profits will come.

For more information about the E-1000 complex In Rishon Lezion, contact us and get a one-time opportunity!

Questions and answers

Why invest into the E-1000 complex?

Because this is an ambitious project that spreads over 1,000 acres, in which business complexes are to be integrated, trade, residence, higher education institutions, culture and leisure and more.

What is the significant advantage of the E-1000 complex?

The project has many different advantages that cannot be ignored, however one of his strategic advantages is the reason it becomes into one of the most promising real estate investments-its unique location. The complex is located in proximity to major transportation arteries including Moshe Dayan train station, it is located close to route 4, the Ayalon lanes and route 20, as well as it is close to future light rail lines.

Does investing in the E-1000 complex involve a high risk?

Investing in the E-1000 complex is no longer a real estate investment with high risk percentages. Nor is it covered in fog. This is a plan that has been approved and even more so, a plan with importance to the city of Rishon Le-Zion and therefore the aspiration to promote it is as great as possible. We specialize in locating potential investments and yielding returns for you and we can see the E-1000 complex as one of them.


Wish to invest in Compound E-1000 in Rishon Le-Zion?

The land isn't available for construction*

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