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Tel Aviv gallops northward

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The land isn't available for construction*

About the project

The evacuation of the gas farm in Pi Glilot created a golden opportunity for the development of one of Israel’s most desirable luxury and high-tech residential complexes.

The attractive location between Ramat Aviv C and Glilot Junction, the proximity to the beach and the fact that it’s one of the largest projects in the country-This are the ones who ensure that Pi Glilot will be one of the most prestigious and high-quality projects that were seen in Israel for some time.

*The land is not available for constructions

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Tel Aviv gallops northward

Tel Aviv gallops northward For the first time after tens of years: a new quarter-at a nonstop city. Pi Glilot- The new north of Ramat Aviv C Something big is happening at north of Tel Aviv…

after decades of stagnation, in which there were no land reserves available for construction, a golden opportunity was created due to the evacuation of the farm gas in Pi Glilot.

For an unprecedented construction boom and the establishment of a Tel Aviv district that will redefine the boundaries of the nonstop city. The new district is located close to the Ramat Aviv C neighborhood and is expected to be in practice, the future development of the neighborhood.

For many families in Israel that were dreaming of leaving at north Tel Aviv, this is exciting news, In the quarter 9,800 housing units were approved, alongside wide commercial centers, that will allow thousands of families to fulfill their dreams and to live at the new north of

Tel Aviv-the next Generation

Quarter Pi Glilot marks a positive revolution that is coming to Tel Aviv. If till now the center of Tel Aviv was the beating heart of the white city, that dictated the pace and the style of the life In Tel Aviv, The new district will offer its own unique interpretation of life in the city. The district is planned from A to Z to provide its residents with a well- balanced lifestyle, cleverly combining a vibrant urbanism with natural serenity and well-being, a combination that draws inspiration from world-leading districts such as: The Midtown in New York, Platz Potsdamer in Berlin, Docklands in London, La Barceloneta in Barcelona, and La Defense in Paris. With such data and sources of inspiration there is no doubt that the Pi Glilot district is aiming high…


Pi Glilot – a wonderful location

A quick view from the bird’s eye view, revealing that the district is surrounded with impressive neighbors- from one side Ramat Aviv C, and from the other side Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon. But it seems like even the privileged neighbors, will looks from the side with jealousy at the development plans of the new and promising district: The future quarter plans include unprecedented mix of extensive commercial and employment areas, Cultural centers, entertainment and leisure, bicycle paths and dozens of acres of garden and green areas, When the highlight is a huge park in the quarter with an area of 300 acres in its center and an artificial lake. On top of that all the advantages of north Tel Aviv: The educational institutions, the proximity to the Tel Aviv University, the quality population, the nearby beach and promenade, and you received one of the most desirable locations in Israel.

Historic opportunity

We all know the enviable stories, about investors who succeeded to purchase apartments in Tel Aviv decades ago, and enjoyed a return of hundreds of percent…

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are pleased to tell you that history is returning! Shviro gives you the rare opportunity to ensure yourselves today, A place in tomorrow’s Tel Aviv quarter, and makes the most attractive lots in the district in the most wanted locations and at the best prices.

In this very days, you are given an opportunity to purchase an apartment at Pi Glilot, at a starting price of only 950,000 shekels.


Shviro-Building it safe

Shviro specializes in spotting real estate opportunities for investors at strategic locations with the highest potential for capital gain. Thanks to its work, its achievements and professionalism, the company has won the Dun and Bradstreet trust stamp! This stamp is a sign of trust that is given only to the selected companies in a strict and rigorous process, according to strict criteria, among them the company’s seniority, lack of lawsuits, high payments ethics, absence of complaints from suppliers and more. When you choose to buy a property in Shviro you could be sure, that you’ve got someone to count on.

Both Herzliya and north Tel Aviv these are prestigious areas that are in constant development. Many people are dreaming of leaving in Herzliya or north Tel Aviv but until recently, there were no land reserves for new construction. The plan on which the Pi Glilot project will be built borders with Ramat Aviv C neighborhood to the south, the coastal road to the west , road 5 from the north side and in the Ayalon lanes to the east.

It is impossible to ignore the particularly attractive location and the proximity to the main transportation arteries in Israel, a significant advantage which also ensures extra value for the investors.

 In the new complex, 9,000investment that is expected to yield a return in the future.

Historic opportunity

to 12,000 housing units will be built and 500-700 square meters will be dedicated for employment and commerce.  The goal of the plan is to establish an urban district and develop it as a green quarter, as well as allocating areas intended for apartment construction especially for young couples who are willing to build their future in the region.

The value of real estate is determined by many parameters, when the closeness to the sea plays an important and central role and it jumps the value of the asset, therefore it is expected the price per unit of land will increase its value over the years. The creation of project Pi Glilot at the heart of the country, and at one of the most wanted locations, is a worth-wile


Wish to invest in Pi Glilot by Shviro?

The land isn't available for construction*

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