About Shviroland

Entrepreneurship, investment and real estate

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Years of experience

For over 2 decades, ShviroLand has been shaping the urban view of prominent demand centers in Israel, in the selection of land and in brilliant projects with strategic locations.

The work pays off. Thanks to the systematic way of working, Shabiru Land is proud of a long line of achievements recorded in its favor. These achievements have left a significant mark on the deals that the company has led. Among other things, the company led the Azure Beach project in Herzliya; Compound H-500 in Holon; The prestigious Sde Dov, which borders Israel's shoreline, is warming up; The 1000 compound in Rishon Lezion; And dozens of other real estate initiatives that have placed the company at the forefront of the real estate investment field in Israel.

The marketing strategy that the company has implemented in Israel is another of the pioneering achievements that the company has signed. Thanks to the creative thinking that strives to optimally combine housing, offices, employment and leisure – the company has a great reputation in the real estate world. The company advocates profit-oriented thinking, which creates many investment opportunities and significant profit potential for investors.

Land for investment is not a trivial matter, it is important to purchase from a reputable company whose name precedes it in any transaction which it markets to the general public.

Your success is our success

ShviroLand puts the best experts to the feasibility of the deal, out of a desire to take care of the interests of all buyers and ensure that every investor makes the best deal on the market.

ShviroLand puts up for sale the real estate investments and plots in the best locations in every complex it markets, with an emphasis on professionalism, reliability and high economic resilience.

ShviroLand is one of the few companies in the market that has received the credibility seal of Dun & Bradstreet.

ShviroLand is proud to build in the Land of Israel and grow alongside it. The company believes in hard work, patience and thorough work. The company will accompany you all the way, from the guidance stage in the entire purchase process to receiving the key to the apartment. Thanks to an experienced, integral and professional team that leads the company, your investment will be able to reach its full potential.