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The land isn't available for construction*

About the project

The Azure beach is a land reserve located between the Marina in Herzliya and the Mandarin Hotel. The project is promoted by the Herzliya municipality and is currently in the advanced planning stages. This is an area of around 2200 acres intended for saturated construction. The land is close to the coastline and important transportation centers; the location is extremely attractive.

*The land isn’t available for construction.


The azure beach plan became a paradise for investors, and it’s offering the last land units to invest in the project on the sea: get to know the Azure beach, the hot destination of Israeli investors. The demand for land in the central region is at its peak, and with it are the prices that are going up endlessly by dozens of percentages. Shviro land is one of the few companies still offering grounds for investors in the central region. Still, the blow is this time it’s a land stationed at a prime location-Azure beach that is located between Herzliya and Tel Aviv. This is an opportunity for a profitable investment that has never been like it before!

Azure beach in Herzliya from Shviro

Between the Marina in Herzliya and the Mandarine Hotel in Tel Aviv lies a land of 2,200 acres, designated for saturated construction and commerce, and is in advanced stages.

The plan was approved lately, so it's no wonder there are only a few last ground units left at the best locations.

According to Meir Chachkes, the owner of Shviro-land company, which markets lands at the Azure beach; "This is definitely the last land reserve in a prime location area, that one we will probably never see again, both in terms of proximity to the beach and in terms of progress of the permits, so now is the time for the best most lucrative investment in history."

A safe investment that the local committee approves The Azure beach plan is a one-time opportunity for investors and is located nearby the northern shores of Tel Aviv and the city of Herzliya.

A powerful plan is being developed at the foot of the beach

The project was approved last month on the 28th of November 2020, after getting a green light from the local committee, and it seems like nothing will stop it. Today, units remain in the best locations in the complex, So certainly, the investment embodies the potential for high profit with a prospect for price increases very soon.

Azure beach-construction boom at a prime location

Tel Aviv and its neighbor Herzliya have been enjoying a construction boom in recent years, especially nearby shores, constituting an uncompromising quality of life. In addition, we see more and more development of outlined regional plans, that their presence holds potential for improving the face of the city and commerce. The above explains the municipality’s intervention that naturally strives to develop the city when those plans are at the top of its priorities. The land reserve spreads over 2,200 acres, and it’s an unprecedented economic opportunity.

To understand the potential of the land, Meir Chachkes explains; “according to the Azure beach plan, commercial areas are expected to be integrated alongside saturated construction, around 10,000 residential units, around 250,000 square meters will be dedicated for employment areas, industry, and commerce, and at a distance of 300 meters from the sea five new hotels are also expected to be built that will be a tourist attraction”. There is no doubt that this is a hot destination, so whoever enters today can enjoy an investment at a prime location that its worth will rise by tens of percent.


Land valued at billions of shekels

The land reserve Azure beach will become a location that continues the vibrant beaches of Tel Aviv, with Herzliya’s prestigious business balance, which will transform it into rich and highly wanted. Also, in terms of public transport, these are important major transportation arteries with a location that is considered to be very attractive. As planned, the project will have train transportation nearby, which will increase her demand when the day comes, mainly to the commercial lands that will naturally become luxury offices overlooking the sea. This land is one of the last construction reserves located near the beach at a prime location. Therefore, its value is estimated by real estate experts in billions of shekels.

In an era when interest rates on investments at the bank are zero, it seems that the safest investment is hidden in lands, certainly when it comes to the most desirable location, land that already passed the approval of the committee and a prestigious plan that combines residence, Commerce, Leisure, and hotel business.

Making deals with people

The Shviro today land company that offers the last land reserves at the Azure beach complex believes that business does with people; therefore, the company operates with full transparency over two decades in dozens of profitable projects that will end successfully. The company isn’t dealing with agricultural land, but only with land in areas of demand that are embodied with potential and prospect for price increases. The company aims to design the urban texture in prominent demand centers in Israel while selecting the best leisure and commercial areas. “To guarantee to the investors the best price, we, as a company, are buying the lands; therefore, investors purchase land firsthand-without price gaps and getting the lowest price in the market. To deliver full transparency to our investors, we include in every deal an appraiser report. Furthermore, the investor pays less than the price shown in the report included” summarized Chachkes

Allow yourself to invest in a quality location in the central region >>>

In the last few years, it’s visible that the city of Herzliya has been in a broad construction momentum. Therefore, this area, which is also located within its boundaries, is a golden opportunity for the municipality to promote and develop the city. Its ambition to promote the city is at the top of the priorities. This land that spreads over 2,200 acres holds an unprecedented economic opportunity according to the Azure beach plan. The location is expected to be established around 10,000 residential units, around 250,000 square meters will be dedicated for industrial, commercial, and employment areas. In addition, at a distance of 300 meters from the sea, five new hotels are expected to be built.


The location of the Azure beach project

The Azure beach is a land reserve located between the Marina in Herzliya and the Mandarin Hotel. Herzliya’s municipality promotes the project, and it’s in the advanced planning stages. This is an area of 2,200 acres intended for saturated construction. The land is resting by the coastline and significant transportation arteries, a location considered particularly attractive. This land is one of the last construction reserves located near the beach, and therefore its value is estimated at billions of shekels. It’s no secret that real estate in such regions keeps increasing; that’s why this is an opportunity of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a possibility to purchase land that will continue to yield an excellent return for the investors over the years.

According to the company’s CEO, Mr. Meir Chachkes, the best-selling and the most wanted blocks are 6606, 6605, 6607, 6590, and 6608.


Hadera- Tomorrow's city in the real estate in Israel

Hadera, at the northern end of the Sharon region, defined by many as the “city of tomorrow” in the field of real estate, and enjoys a lot of interest from apartment buyers and developers. The Sea District plan expected to change the face of the city, and brand Hadera is a tourist city.

The Sea District plan offers an investment opportunity in land intended for urban development for residential and commercial purposes, as part of approved outline(HD/2020) national plan, and provincial master plan 302-340539, In the stages of preparing for detailed.


Wish to invest in Azure beach in Herzliya?

The land isn't available for construction*

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